Gateway Taproom & Chef Viraf would like to take you on a journey around the globe in the comfort of your favourite neighbourhood bar.

This March, we bring flavours from the bustling streets of Myeongdong, Seoul. From savoury classics like Gimbap, Cheese Corn Dog, Spicy Tteokbokki to mouthwatering Kimchi Ramen, Jjangmeyon, and more. Each dish on our limited-time menu has been crafted to transport you to Seoul from the very first bite.

Chef Viraf - is known for two things - his immaculate hold on cuisine and technique, followed by a fiendish love for street food. He has held on to this passion project for decades now and is finally ready to share his journeys and the flavours he has come across through his travels.

"Gateway Taproom is the best place I know where I would launch something I am so close to and passionate about because the entire team here is so open-minded and friendly. I've consulted, I own and operate restaurants across India but the team at Gateway Taproom is a bunch who would never think twice about jumping into something that's never been done", says Chef Viraf.