This Summer, Gateway Taproom & Chef Viraf would like to take you on a journey around the globe in the comfort of your favourite neighbourhood restaurant & bar.

The Chill & Grill Menu has distinctive dishes from around the world. From juicy Hawaiian Pineapple Chicken Skewers to a zesty Zaatar Cauliflower steak, each dish offers a taste of diverse flavors! Drop by and enjoy a summer full of flavour and fun! Don't forget to pair your meal with our refreshing summer coolers & fizzy cocktails featuring Sepoy's exquisite mixes!

Chef Viraf is known for two things - his immaculate hold on cuisine and technique, followed by a fiendish love for food from around the world. Now, he is finally ready to share the flavours he has come across through his travels.

"Gateway Taproom is the best place I know where I would launch something I am so close to and passionate about because the entire team here is so open-minded and friendly. I've consulted for restaurants across India but the team at Gateway Taproom is a bunch who would never think twice about jumping into something that's never been done", says Chef Viraf.